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Stuart Wicke seeks to find meaning in simple things. His songs have been described as “emotionally resonant”, and “bittersweet”, striving to articulate everyday triumphs and conflicts, taking cues from Americana wordsmiths like Paul Simon, Taylor Goldsmith, and Patty Griffin. His lyrics are paired with a uniquely intimate rock sound which often combines indie rock, progressive rock, and jazz. He often performs solo as well as with a band.

Stuart Wicke Band has been an ongoing recording and performance project since Wicke was in high school. A prolific songwriter, he has released five albums, and two EPs. Beginning as a solo recording project, in 2015 he assembled a band to record and perform his songs. In 2018, Wicke moved from his native Louisville KY to Galway, Ireland, where he continued to write, record and perform as a solo act. Following his return to Louisville, the Stuart Wicke Band is a solo effort in the studio, but a collaborative effort on stage.

Stuart Wicke Band’s latest release, We Never Had Tomorrow Anyway (2022), was recorded in isolation in 2020, and reflects the frustration of the earliest months of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Currently SWB is Stuart Wicke (guitars, voice), and Scott Boice (drums).

Praise for We Never Had Tomorrow Anyway

“There is an overwhelming airiness[,] like laundry drying in a light wind, and its loose, natural feeling makes it seem as if Wicke and his bandmates simply picked up their instruments one evening, hit record, and dumped out this brief bit of magic.”—Tyrel Kessinger, LEO Weekly

“Folk music for the future”
— K&K Magazine, 2022

“Great to see the emotional content in the song, it tells a story.”
— Michael Logsdon, Community Music Alliance on WFMP Radio, 2022

“Magnetizes and invites everyone to his company”
— Nagamag Int’l Music Magazine, 2022

“Like a Pink Floyd journey […], it’s a musical production.”
— Neil Johnstone, Top Hill Recording Podcast, 2022


“Wyoming” recorded at rehearsal (February 2023)

“Two Cars” performed on “One Shot, One Mic, One Song”, hosted by Top Hill Recording Podcast. (March 2022) Full playlist here.

“Still Life”, a yet-unreleased song, performed at Magnolica Bar in Louisville KY (October 2022)


All releases can be found on major streaming services and Bandcamp by following the links below.

We Never Had Tomorrow Anyway (2022)
Glossalalia (2020)
Three Songs (2019)
Leeside (2019)
Run for Help (2018)
Live EP (2017)
Doxology (2016)