Some songs struggle to be written, taking revision after revision before feeling like a natural expression of a real emotion. This was not one of them.

I wrote this on a post-it note in 2020 in an afternoon. That summer spent mostly in isolation afforded me a lot of time to think—maybe too much, but I got a lot of songs out of it.

“Congratulations” is the last song I’ll share off the new record before you can hear the whole thing on April 21 (pre-save link here).

Stream “Congratulations” and the other singles from “Still Life” here.

“Two Cars” featured on LEO Weekly’s Sonic Breakdown

““Two Cars” is a lush, acoustic-driven ballad that sways with a palpable melancholy. On the other end of this dance is Wicke’s keen storytelling and sense of romanticism, both in content and literary sensibilities. There is an overwhelming airiness to the song, like laundry drying in a light wind, and its loose, natural feeling makes it seem as if Wicke and his bandmates simply picked up their instruments one evening, hit record, and dumped out this brief bit of magic.” — Tyrel Kessinger

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Doxology Remix/Remaster

Doxology (Remaster) on Apple Music
Doxology (Remaster) on Spotify
Doxology (Remaster) on Bandcamp

In 2016 I released what I’d ultimately decide was finally my first album, Doxology. I’d recorded a million songs by then, but Doxology was the first album I didn’t eventually outgrow and remove from Bandcamp in embarrassment.

The album was recorded with a “trio of trios”, three distinct band lineups of three musicians, meant to be some Trinitarian symbol on this album about faith and love. It’s a little over the top, but that’s what being 20 is all about (and besides, a couple tracks ended up as a quartet by the end).

Anyway, Doxology is uniquely sentimental for me, being the first album I ever got to play with a band. The original mix, I think, did it injustice, mixed on headphones in a Chicago hostel by a 20-year-old who had no idea how compression worked. So I took another stab at it.

On its sixth anniversary, I think it finally sounds like the album I meant to make.